A Full Moon Kind of Day

Yesterday was a full moon kind of day.  Where things go awry and people act crazy and you wonder, “Is there a full moon out tonight?”.  Well, it turns out there WAS a full moon yesterday.  I didn’t know it until late last night but the day sure presented itself as such:

#myvip elder forgot his bookbag.  Not a book or pencil, but a whole, entire book bag.  Sure, he could get a loaner laptop from school but everything that he needed for the day was left at home.  He asked me to pick him up right after school because he didn’t have practice while his brother would be at an away meet.  He also asked if his phone was ready; he had been having problems and the phone carrier recommended one of those cell phone repair places at the mall. I’d dropped it off the prior week and it should have been ready by then.  I called after I dropped the boys to school but no one answered, because the mall wasn’t open yet.  I filed it away in my mind to call back later.

Tax season is in full swing at the office.  I had several clients and between phone calls and entering data and checking and responding to emails, before I knew it the time was 5:17, when…

I get a phone call from an unfamiliar number and when I answer, completely preoccupied, I was surprised to hear my man-child’s voice. “Um, are you coming to pick me up?”  Uuggghhh, and AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH – I plum forgot to get him!  I always DESPISED being late to pick up my children from school or afterschool. I didn’t want them to wait a second longer than necessary and if traffic prevented me from getting them on time, my anxiety spiked, until I saw their sweet faces and realized that they were not bothered  In fact, on the few times I was late, they had occupied themselves in a game or book or video and usually looked at me like, “You’re here already?” Yesterday was NOT one of those moments.  I raced through Friday afternoon Atlanta traffic, and promised him anything he wanted for dinner, plus I waived his portion of his cell phone payment for the month.  If he has asked for that Nintendo Switch I probably would have figured out how to buy it for him too – I was just that upset with myself.  And he called on a weird phone because he didn’t have his own phone, and do you think I remembered to call the cell phone repair people??

So, what could have been a two hour trip to school and back turned into a 3.5 hour tour: traffic was horrible, I had to get gas, he asked for fries from Chick-Fil-A to tide him over until we could go to Steak-n-Shake, which was near the mall we needed to stop at to pick up his repaired cell phone.  When I called the repair place on my way to get my son, they checked and said “Yes, the phone is ready”.  And I replied, “Well, I thought you were going to call me about it”, to which they answered, “We were going to call you in another hour”.  Really?!?  So yes, it took 3 1/2 hours to get all of this done.

As we’re driving back, we both spot the biggest, brightest full moon that we’ve ever seen.  It was sitting so low in the sky, it felt like we could reach up and touch it.  That moon was so round, so clear, and who bright, it looked like when you get a new shiny toy and take it out of the package.  It looked freshly scrubbed and clean.  We get back to the office (after some back and forth about office/home/office/home and who would get him), and he decided to stay until we all left for the night.  It was already after 8:00 and I knew we would leave by 10:00, so no more than 2 hours of waiting.  That man-child had his Steak-n-Shake meal, complete with a big ol’ chocolate peanut butter milkshake…and within 30 minutes he was knocked out.  He had his shoes off, his glasses on the table, and his head drooped all the over onto the chair; so instead of watching TV, the TV was watching him.   Of course that brought a smile to my face and I called my father over to look, and he also smiled.  It was a welcome bit of levity to the day.


We got home and my husband relayed the story of an incident that happened when he picked up #myvip younger.  He got off the exit near home with the intention to stop at Wendy’s and give him a treat.  He said he had just passed a spot when he heard a loud crash and tires screeching.  As he exclaimed “Oh Wow”, he saw something fly across the street; he thought it was a smaller car.  Our son said he thought it was a person. They went through the drive-through and as they were leaving they saw the ambulance and police cars, and most unfortunately, a tarp draped over a body.  When they got home, he checked the news a little later, and they did report a pedestrian fatality, and minor injuries to the driver.  It’s believed that the pedestrian wasn’t visible until the moment of impact – it was dark and he or she was not wearing reflective clothing, plus this was in the middle of the street and not at a crosswalk.  How sad!  I was shocked, they were shook – because it could have been them, they just missed the accident by a few seconds – they could have been the ones to hit that person.  We are all upset at the loss of life, no matter how it happened.

So yeah, man…yesterday was a full moon kind of day.


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