Monthly Archives: November 2015

Just a few post-Thanksgiving thoughts

Well hello there everybody.  It’s been a while since the Society has posted here but we’re alive and well and we are thankful for that.  Our pastor has an interesting series going on about being thankful that I not only find interesting but very helpful for me and my own life.  This past year has been very challenging and to be honest I have some concerns about some things for the upcoming year.  I know that my being concerned in itself will not help but I’m only human, right?  Thai is why what my pastor had to say is so relevant.

First of all, as a man of faith, I have to not only pray for the best but to claim it.  If God is the ultimate provider, I have to trust that he will continue to need all of my and my family’s needs.  I choose to do exactly that.  In addition to that, as my pastor suggested, I have to be thankful for all that He has already done for me and He has done so much.  When I look at the lives of many I grew up with and so much of what I’ve seen on the news year after year, I can’t help but be thankful and appreciative for not only being here but to be in a much better place than I could have been.  I remember in the year 1996, I was in a video store (remember those?) whenI heard two gunshots ring out.  I told myself maybe it was just firecrackers until two women ran in and said that someone had gotten shot.  I stepped outside, went up the sidewalk and a teenage boy was laying on his back on the sidewalk with people crowded around him.  I remember his mother freaking out when she arrived.  According to witnesses, he was running for his life yelling “Leave me alone, leave me alone!” when a car full of goons drove up on him and shot him.  I found out the next morning that he did not survive.  When I looked up and visited his mother, a strong woman indeed, she said that a bunch of lowlife classmates of his were jealous because of his car and other things and had a beef with him.  She said that he tried to squash it himself but the wouldn’t let it go.  While I left with a certainty that she would be okay in the long run, especially with her son’s friends stepping up for her, I was so disturbed by the incident, and the overall hate and evil in this society, that I decided I didn’t want to have children.  Nineteen years later, I have a 13 year old and an 11 year old, both boys, both black boys.

The point is that my wife and I, even with the hate and evil in society, even with the odds against black males and with so much outside of us telling us that subjecting children to this cruel world was not the right thing to do, decided that we were going to be good parents and raise children who would contribute to making the  world a better place and that’s what we’re doing.  We’re not only praying and  trusting for the best that God has to offer them but we’re thankful for what God has already done for them.  Every day I’m thankful that our sons are good, well adjusted and smart young men.  I’m also thankful for the roof over our heads, the jobs that we have, the clothes in our wardrobe and the fact that we have good family around us.  Are we where we want to ultimately be?  Not really.  Are we better off that we could be?  Absolutely!  We are making up our minds to keep on pushing ahead, be thankful for what we have, to rejoice in what we are and where we are and if and when things get challenging, to claim the challenge met and to rejoice in our impending victory.  There’s still a little over a month left in the year 2015 and still plenty of time make sure we end it with a bang.  Society Simmons is thankful for life, for love, for family and for God!