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Celebrating 25 Years Of Sisterhood

I don’t have any biological sisters…that I know of, so it was important to me in college to join a sorority for a number of reasons. I wanted to be among supportive, encouraging women who knew how to have fun. I wanted to be a lung dynamic women who ere do I something with their lives. I wanted to be part of a group that contributed to the community. And I wanted sisters. Ladies who I could laugh with, cry with, share with, open up with, be real with – who would accept me as I am and love me anyway.

I am blessed to say that I found all of that and more when I pledged the Zeta Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc; 8 of us crossed on April 30, 1990. In 25 years 6-7 of us have kept in touch over the years. We’ve stayed connected through college, graduations, jobs/careers, boyfriends, marriages, divorces, relocations, alumnae and national chapter activities, health issues, births, and deaths. We’ve all been married, and everyone has at least one child. Some are active and others are not.

Through it all, we have been able to remain sisters for 25 years. And for that I am grateful. Proud to be a member of such a dynamic organization. We continue to have women of Delta blaze trails – I won’t list them all here, but I will say that the latest is Loretta Lynch who just got confirmed as the U.S. Attorney General earlier this week. Deltas have been on the move and in the news since 1913; we can’t stop and won’t stop educating, informing, pushing for awareness, justice, and change.

In the meantime, to celebrate our 25th, five of us got together and had a staycation that was pretty epic. Jeju Sauna is a Korean spa – which means they offer services that are extremely intimate – as in, everyone gets naked. There is a co-Ed section with the clothed saunas; and there are gender specific sections which each offer body scrubs and massages, whirlpools and steam saunas. We opted for the body scrubs. Lemme tell you; you have never been clean until you get a scrub like this one! We all took showers that morning before arriving, and we all marveled at the amount of dirt on each of our tables. But when we we done- how smooth and soft we all felt. Now the plan is to go quarterly.

After the sauna we checked into our hotel and got ready for dinner. We had two adjoining rooms and they gave us (one of us) about 5 keys for all rooms. I don’t know what the heck happened, but somehow we were locked out of the rooms before dinner. Four of us were standing in the hallway and no one had the key. But one of us tried to pick the deadbolt – I won’t say who because I don’t want to incriminate myself (I mean her). Anyway, the fifth member of the group wake up and says “what are you doing?” And ” I was wondering if you were getting jacked and I needed to run”. Turns out she had all of the blinking keys in her purse. She picked them all up S we left, and that fully had them whe we needed it.m I cannot make this stuff up!

Dinner was great – we really got a chance to reconnect and make resolutions to do better at staying in touch more often, especially since we all live in the same general area. And we’re all going to try to get active with a chapter, for those who are to already active.

Back to the hotel for more shenanigans. We had a Wine & Wig party where we tried on all these different wigs and struck a pose like we were in a Madonna video back in the day. We stayed up until 4 AM talking, and one person had the nerve to try and stay up even longer. Love you sis, but it’s lights out for you,

Brunch the next morning was a good wrap-up, and a pedicure capped off a great 24-hour retreat. Love my sorors of DST; blessed with great line sisters from Zeta Phi.  Next step, reclamation so that we’re all active again, and quarterly activities to stay connected.  Love my line sisters to life!

Holy Week Fast, A Testimony

Good Day,

Pastor G, hope you’re having a great week. I just wanted to share the latest testimony of the Simmons crew. When you announced your fast for Holy Week, I decided to join in. I have a few things that I am believing God for, as many people do. The fast started on Monday, March 30. It turns out that April 4 is the date that we would find out if our youngest son would get accepted to the same school as our oldest son. So the timing of the fast was perfect, for this is one of the things that I was believing God to answer for us.

Days one and two of the fast were ok; I was able to fast with until 12:00 pm with no problem. On Wednesday, April 1, I had a problem. I was ready to eat by 8:30. I wanted to give up, after all I had already done the 21 day fast at the beginning of the year, so I should get a pass, right? But, no, I decided to join in this fast so I had to stick with it. Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and told me that I needed to press in; my temptation to eat was blocking the blessing that was waiting. So I went to the gym instead, read some devotionals, prayed -a lot- and then did a couple of errands. Before I knew it, it was almost 2:00 and I hadn’t missed anything.

At 2:59 the same day, we received an email that our oldest son was nominated to represent an organization at another group’s summer camp. The summer camp has locations all over the country, it’s a STEM based curriculum, and the 4-week camp would cost $2500, but if he was selected, he would go for free. He just had to complete a short essay and send his report card by that Friday afternoon.

We worked together to draft something that night (he iterated and I typed it), and we had plans to finish and send it but Thursday. Well, our internet was down after church on Thursday and didn’t get fixed until Friday at 4:45. The deadline was 5:00 that day. My husband made a trip to their offices all the way across town, only to discover that they were working from home that day. So we put the drafted info on a jump drive and found someplace with free wi-fi, just so we could get the info sent by the deadline. All of that to say that we had some obstacles in the way to get this information sent by the deadline, but we persevered and got it done.

On Saturday April 4, we received the email that our youngest son was accepted into the same school as his older brother. This will be first time ever that they will attend school together, and they’re in 5th & 7th grades. This is a private school, but we make public school money, so we keep believing God to provide. I feel that if this is the school for both boys, He will make a way to have them both attend. So far we were able to take care of one son for the past 2 years, but it was a big stretch. The concern was whether we would get enough financial aid to take care of both boys.

We served in Children’s church 2 services on Sunday before attending the 12:00 service. It was also the last day of the fast, and I kept it going – even with the good snacks you always provide for the workers. This was the last day, and with the good news we already received, surely we would get the final answers on those two situations.

On Monday April 6 we received the rest of the good news. We got enough financial aid that the money we paid for one last year, is the same amount we will have to pay for both this year. Still a stretch, but if we could do it last year, we can do it this year. Glory to God! Also, we got the official word that our oldest son was definitely accepted to the STEM summer camp; he will be attending the one in Georgia for free. Hallelujah!

If you had been here Monday when I got the news – full on praise mode! I kept calling and texting my husband at work until he responded; I couldn’t wait until he got home to share this news. It made our day to know that we continue to be blessed, that if you ask for it in God’s will, He does give you the desires of your heart.

Thanks to you and Minister Trish for being such upstanding, visionary leaders. Thanks for reading this long ‘dissertation’