Celebrating 10 Years of Natural Hair

It’s almost the end of March and I couldn’t let the month pass without mentioning that I am 10 years “natural” this month. I don’t recall the exact date, but I know it was March 2005. I just knew my hair would grow and grow with no issues. I’ve had braids of all types for a good 15 years off and on – box braids, cornrows, micro raids…just about everything except “Dookie” braids. I couldn’t being myself to put anything with that name on my head.

Anyway, I noticed that whenever I did have braids (in between my perms, texturizing, and Jheri curls- whew, that’s way BACK in the day) my hair would g quickly and be thick and full. I had a hard time keeping the press in my hair – it always, ALWAYS reverted if I was near any type of heat. And my hair is grade 10Z y’all; I always say my hair is ‘straight from the motherland’.

The real issue is that I never really learned to manage my hair well by myself.  I could cornrow it, but that’s about it. So it was easier to get a perm, where the style would last a few days, then I would have to try to style it (sometimes well, sometimes Epic Fail); or braids,which  always looked decent. So I thought that the switch to natural hair would be alright..

Until  I switched to natural hair. I had no idea how much was involved. I have learned so much in my 10 years of :washing, trying to go, trimming, cutting, twisting, curling, straightening, Bantu knotting, crochet braiding, wigging, afro- ing, pre-pooing, shampooing, co-washing, deep conditioning, product trying, diy-ing, you-tubing, and natural hair reading.  I learned that you have to try several products, several styles, and have patience, patience, and more patience.  You have to be able to start over, at any given moment (3 times cutting it short and starting over), and you have to be willing to rock your look, with  any style.  You have to find a routine and good products that work for YOUR hair, and stick with it – the products and the routine.  I’ve learned all of this, and more, the hard way.

But I wouldn’t change it for a thing.  I appreciate my hair, it’s length and thickness, it’s elasticity and shrinkage, it’s softness and fullness when washed/conditioned/moisturised.  I like the way it holds a twist or Bantu knot.  I do not care for the tangles or knots,nor the slow growth at times.  But it’s all mine, and all me. Happy 10 year hairiversary to me!  Looking forward to many, many more years off exploration and adventure!

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